With due respect to the other staged musical excitements I've taken part in recently - Home by Christmas and The Little Sweep among them - Cosi Fan Tutte with the young people of Tessitoura is the first proper Opera House opera I've done in ages. 

It's going to be great fun, I think. We're setting it in the Second World War so (not to give too much away) when the boys go off they come back disguised as American GIs, which allows the English translation to get subtle with accents. 

Rehearsals have sometimes been riotous. There are only six of us in the cast, plus Becky the producer and Arne on the piano - we're dispensing with the choruses - but that just lets us concentrate on the interactions. We're performing in four different spaces in the course of the 'tour', so we're having to keep it fairly generic in the blocking, but we know that some extra guile will come about in the different places where we're performing.