Done it! A crossword year

With the ending of 2018 comes the end of my year's attempt at doing a crossword every day. 

The crossword of choice was the Guardian, and (with the exception of Christmas Day, when no crossword was published) I filled the grid for the cryptic crossword each and every day of the year. That means that on Saturdays I completed the Prize crossword and on Sundays I did the Everyman. 

I can't claim that I completed them without help - sometimes I didn't need any help, sometimes I used online dictionaries and sometimes a bit more. Occasionally people have looked over my shoulder and helped. That's why I say I "filled the grid" rather than "solved". 

Note that some of the grids were filled out on paper, some on apps on mobile devices and some on the PC. 

And now we're into 2019 - and I don't want to stop doing crosswords, so we'll keep going and see how we get on. 

I think that doing crosswords has got easier through the year; I hope that'll keep going this year.