Being the Count

Am having great fun revisiting the character of Count Almaviva in Mozart's majestically brilliant Marriage of Figaro. 

I'm doing it mid-January with @tessitoura (, an extremely talented and energetic group of singers. Rehearsals have been a riot, and the characters are forming quickly. With two performances in two different spaces we'll have to adapt quickly, and with a small orchestra we'll have to project well, but I think this traditional-dress production is going to a cracker!

Thanks to the fact that I bought Ursula the complete box set for her birthday, we've been watching a lot of Frasier recently. And I had a revelation - Niles Crane is the perfect model for the Count. I've always loved watching the Niles character so I am vastly enjoying mapping his mannerisms onto the Count's music. Slapstick, double-take, confusion over what he thinks he wants to be and what he REALLY wants to be - great!

We're performing on Tuesday 15th January in Bristol Grammar School, and Saturday 19th in St Mary's, Stoke Bishop. Do come along - it'll be a rollercoaster of laughs!