Early Stroll Songs Fundraiser

Crowdfunder over the initial target!This morning, thanks to 34 lovely people, we have more than surpassed our original Crowdfunder target for the Early Stroll Songs fund raising effort. And the money keeps coming in! We've set a 'Stretch target' of £1,500. 

The extra money will allow us to extend the education element of the Early Stroll Songs project, as well as giving us the freedom to explore future performance opportunities. 

It will also mean that we can do more publicity and investigate the options for higher levels of media exposure. 

So if you've pledged, thank you - and if you still want to pledge, please do. The rewards and the crowdfunder remain open until 31st May, and the premiere is scheduled for 11th October, when I'll be singing the songs along with John Rutter's Shadows and some Dowland songs, accompanied by Mark Willcocks.

Tags: Performance, Early Stroll Songs