Fabrik and the Mahler/Brucker list

It's not quite finished yet, but the Mahler/Bruckner listneing list is built in Joomla using Fabrik - plus a bit of my own coding. 

Making a component in Joomla is quite time-intensive and for a one-off project it's not really all that time-efficient. So I've started to use Fabrik, which is a very rich component which acts as a half-way house. You can use it to create the database tables and access them, producing all sorts of layouts and displays in both the front and back ends. 

For the Mahler/Brucker project I've used a native Fabrik table to input the details of what I've listened too (yes, I'm planning on opening it up to the world at some point soon, when I've tested it a bit more) but the page which displays it to the world is one that I've written myself. 

That in itself requires another plugin, called Sourcerer, which allows you to insert PHP code into the Joomla page. Using that I've written a quick extract code (using the Joomla database engine, although I could have accessed the database directly) routine. I'll add some JQuery stuff to it before it's all finished. 

More details if a) you're a geek and b) you want it. 

I'm using Fabrik in a lot of projects at the moment, including the Little Book of Singing Exercises website, where it embeds the sound files.

Tags: php, Joomla