The Mahler-Bruckner project

So this summer's listening project is the complete cylce(s) of Mahler and Bruckner symphonies. 

The plan is to listen to at least a movement a day throughout the summer (I haven't added them up yet, but a gross error check of four movements for 18 symphonies comes out at 72 movements in total, and since I'm going to add Das Lied and Mahler 10 into that, too, so I'll need to double up some days...). I won't listen in order, although I probably will keep individual symphonies on consecutive days. 

Why Bruckner and Mahler? Lots of reasons.

  • Because I'm still hoping to do the Kindertotenlieder (Mahler) this autumn, and it'll be good preparation for that
  • Because my friend John Gibbons has just recorded Bruckner 9 so I can include that in my list
  • Because there's lots of Mahler and a bit of Bruckner in the Proms, and iPlayer can help me 
  • Because there are some of the symphonies which I've known since schooldays, and some I don't know yet

The recordings will come from a variety of places - those that aren't in the Proms (or on CD) will come from Spotify. I'll choose what recordings to use as I go, but will probably stick to the same recording for individual symphonies. I won't be too fussy (esp. with Bruckner) about which version of the symphonies which have several versions. 

Follow the progress on the Listening List, if you wish - and within a couple of days I hope that I'll also have arranged it so that you can tick off your listening list, too. 

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