New website deployed

No sense in waiting, I thought, so I've now deployed this new version of my website on a live server.

It's also meant a switch of server and therefore of database - and also a change of email hosting server, so forgive me if there are a couple of interruptions if I try to email you later. 

I had developed a lot of this site on a local server before uploading it, but there is still some stuff I want to add, so please bear with me while I do that. Even more, there's bits I want to tidy up, but since this is MY site I'd rather get it live with imperfections than sit on it for ages while I try to make it utterly perfect. That's just me 

However, the important points are that 

  • It'll be easier for me to update
  • It'll be easier for me to set up systems which contact students, friends, etc.
  • I think that it all looks a bit cleaner, and people will be able to find what they're looking for more quickly
  • It is responsive - so will render nicely on mobile devices. As I want it to be functional for me, that was quite important

I'm sure you'll let me know if there are pages that aren't working. 

Ps - thanks to Sue Green for the picture.