The Lamentations

I wrote a set of Lamentations earlier this week, in reaction to the news coming out of Northern Iraq and the World War 1 remembrance service on Monday, in which some of the Lamentations were read.



This morning I was lucky enough to be able to sing them at the Solemn Mass - and through a unforeseen set of circumstances not only was I able to sing them when I hadn't expected to, the celebrant was the Bishop, who had authored the piece which inspired me in the first place. 

The setting is short - just a couple of minutes - and only sets three verses plus the 'Convertere' clause. The translation is mine, which allowed me a certain freedom to make the text slightly more general than an accurate translation might have been. It was gratifying (not that this is about my gratification) to see heads down and reading the words as I was singing. Although that might have been my bad diction!