About Martin

Martin Le Poidevin is a British singer, liturgist, composer, teacher, conductor and administrator living and working in the South West of England. 

Among his many functions he is Director of the Music Group at Clifton Cathedral, author of A Little Book of Singing Exercises, singing teacher with South Gloucestershire Music Hub and Bristol Plays Music and proprietor of Allegro-Brio.co.uk, a web studio.

Upcoming performances

20th September Lunchtime Recital Part of the Bristol Song Recital Series. I'll be singing Brahms Four Serious Songs, the Rubbra Three Psalms and Howells' King David. Saint Stephen's Church in Bristol City Centre, 1.10pm

2nd December Vaughan Williams and Taize An exciting programme mixing Jonathan Harvey, Taize (which I'll be leading and shaping), Gavin Bryars, Gorecki and Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on Christmas Carols. In Clifton Cathedral with University of the West of England choirs and orchestra. 

For a full list of upcoming concerts, click here.

Me right now

Late night radio faves Kitchen Cabinet, Infinite Monkey Cage

Have always supported Ipswich Town

Favourite food Curry, homemade breads

I love doing cryptic crosswords. Most days I attempt the Guardian crossword. Here is my latest completion (or not) record

The Book(s)

The Little Book of Singing Exercises is a book - planned one day to be a series of books - which will aid in some of the basics of singing. Not just technique, but also the overlooked elements such as tuning, sightreading, expression and performance.The books are backed up by a website with extra ideas, exercises and suggestions. Find out more here

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Singing Exercises

My Little Book of Singing Exercises - coming soon! Exercises based on food with increasing difficulty, to teach control and accuracy in singing

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